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CAW Local 4003, a division of CAW National Council 4000, is comprised of CAW members employed at Autoport, Cara Operations, CN,
Coyote Terminals, Judy Vent Investment (Harvey's), Motor Coach Industries, Toronto Terminal Railways and VIA Rail Canada.

Local 4003 (Great Lakes Region) announced on August 7th the results following elections for various Local Executive positions.  The results
were released by the Local's Election Committee Chairperson Katherine Kennedy.   The Local will see a new President, as current incumbent
Brian Elcombe decided not to run for another term due to personal reasons.  He will serve as President until his replacement is elected.

For information on other Council 4000 Local Elections, click on the Local links below:
President >
Steve Legge  [E 2nd Ballot]
Denise Hampden  [SB RO]
Rayman Hafeez
Financial Secretary >
Tim McArthur  [E 2nd Ballot]
Paul Chuk  [SB RO]
Barbara Court
Recording Secretary >
Jaci Carson
Kevin Robinson
Local Chairperson
Autoport >
Xavier Mattadeen [A]
Local Chairperson
CN Agreement 5.1 >
Wayne MacFarlane [A]
Local Chairperson
CN Supplemental Agreement >
Geoff Green   53% [E]
Terry O'Reilly  47%
Local Chairperson
CNTL Owner Operators >
Masoud Panjehali  73% [E]
Austin Briggs  27%
Local Chairperson
Motor Coach Industries >
Roy Eagan [A]
Local Chairperson
Toronto Terminals Railway >
Maurice Lopes [A]
Local Chairperson
VIA Rail Agreement No. 1 >
Frank Consiglio   83% [E]
Leon Wolfovitch  17%
Local Chairperson
VIA Rail Agreement No. 2 >
Jonathan Vasil  [E 2nd Ballot]
Kremeth Emmerich  [SB RO]
Giesle Legault
CN Agreement 5.1 >
Brian Elcombe [A]
CN Supplemental Agreement >
Brian St. Clair  65% [E]
Samantha Coffey   35%
VIA Rail Agreement No. 1 >
Rosalie Thompson  72% [E]
Linda Dzuoz  28%
VIA Rail Agreement No. 2 >
Toni Lisk [A]
Sergeant-at-Arms >
Steve Witkowski
Kersten Kindt
Guide >
Linda Poudrier [A]
Election Chairperson >
Katherine Kennedy
CAW Local 4003 Election results:
Local 4003 (Great Lakes Region) announced on November 6th the results of their second ballot run-off election for the positions of Local President, Financial
Secretary and Local Chairperson for VIA Agreement 2.  The results were released by the Election Committee Chairperson Katherine Kennedy.  

Replacing incumbent President Brian Elcombe, who announced earlier this year that he would not seek another term, is Steve Legge, who won on a second ballot.  
Tim McArthur was elected Financial Secretary and Jonathan Vasil won the position of Local Chairperson for VIA Rail Agreement 2.
Below are the results released following the first and second ballot elections:    
[E] denotes elected  --  [A] denotes acclaimed  --  [SB RO] denotes candidate on second ballot run-off  --  [E 2nd Ballot] denotes elected o second ballot