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CAW Local 4001, a division of CAW National Council 4000, is comprised of CAW members employed at CN, Rocky Mountaineer Vacations,
Savage Alberta Railway (now CN) and VIA Rail Canada.

Ron Shore Elected as Local 4001 President  -  Tony Andrzejewski Re-Elected as Financial Secretary
Greater Vancouver, Boston Bar and Kamloops Local Chairperson Ron Shore was elected President of CAW Local 4001 during elections for
Executive positions, defeating incumbent President Clyde Duncan.  Brother Shore is the fourth Local 4001 member to hold the position of the
Local's President, following past incumbents Stan Tash (1997 - 2001), Mel Wozniak (2001 - 2004) and Clyde Duncan (2004 - 2007).

Local President
254 Ballots cast - 4 spoiled
Financial Secretary
254 Ballots cast - 5 spoiled
Ron Shore
Employed at CN
143 Votes
Vote for Ron Shore
Tony Andrzejewski
Employed at CN
143 Votes
Re-Elect Tony Andrzejewski
Doug Miller - Acclaimed
Employed at Rocky Mountaineer
Clyde Duncan
Employed at CN
107 Votes
Re-Elect Clyde Duncan
Matthew Fischer
Employed at Rocky Mountaineer
102 Votes
Al Vodden - Acclaimed
Employed at CN
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For more information on Unit Elections, please contact the appropriate Unit Local Chairperson:  Click Here for Alberta contact info / Click Here for BC contact info
For information on other Council 4000 Local Elections, click on the Local links below:  Mountain Region

Tony Andrzejewski was re-elected to his fourth term as the Local's Financial Secretary, defeating challenger Matt Fisher, who is the Unit Local Chairperson for the
Rocky Mountaineer membership.  Brother Andrzejewski is the only serving Financial Secretary of Local 4001 since its inception in 1997.

Ron Shore officially becomes President effective Sunday, July 1, 2007.  For detailed election results for the positions of Local President and Financial Secretary,
scroll down below.

Doug Miller from Rocky Mountaineer and Al Vodden from CN were acclaimed as Trustees for the Local.  The first call of business for the Local Executive following the
summer break will be to determine the filling of the remaining vacant positions of Trustees.  

There are still Local 4001 Unit Elections to be held by September:          
BC South Unit (CN membership)
The BC South Unit (CN) have completed their Local Unit Elections.  With Ron Shore being elected as Local 4001 President, former President Clyde Duncan was
nominated and acclaimed as new Unit Local Chairperson.  Ella Nowak was nominated and acclaimed as new Recording/Financial Secretary of the BC South Unit.  
All other current officers were re-elected by acclamation.  The only election that was held was for the position of Shop Steward for the CNTL Vancouver Owner
Operators.  A workplace ballot was held on June 14th, and Dan Thomson was re-elected, defeating challenger Bob Atwall.

Unit Local Chairperson - Clyde Duncan (Acclaimed)                      Vancouver CNTL Owner Operator Shop Steward - Dan Thomson (Re-elected)
Vice Local Chairperson GVT - Maurice Anthony (Acclaimed)        Vice Local Chairperson Vancouver Intermodal - Paul Sidhu (Acclaimed)
Recording/Financial Secretary - Ella Nowak (Acclaimed)
Alberta Mechanical / Intermodal Unit (CN membership)
Elections for the Alberta Mechanical / Intermodal Unit were held on Tuesday, May 1st during the Unit's membership meeting held at the CAW Edmonton Regional
Office.  Re-elected to new three-year terms are:

Unit Local Chairperson - John Dowell (Acclaimed)                        Vice Local Chairperson Edmonton Intermodal - Andre DeLuca (Acclaimed)
Vice Local Chairperson Walker Shops - Gord Quirie (Acclaimed)      Shop Steward Edmonton CNTL Owner Operators - Marvin Prycz
Unit Recording/Financial Secretary - Tony Andrzejewski (Acclaimed)
Alberta South Unit (CN membership)
The Alberta South Unit (CN) will be conducting Unit Elections for the following positions (election details and date still to be determined):

Unit Local Chairperson                                                                         Calgary CNTL Owner Operator Shop Steward
Vice Local Chairperson                                                                        Recording/Financial Secretary
Unit Elections will also be held for similar positions to service the CN Agreement 5.4, Rocky Mountaineer Vacations and VIA Rail membership.  No details have been
forwarded as of this date (June 7, 2007).
Completed Unit Elections:
Alberta Administration / VIA Rail Unit (CN clerical and Alberta VIA membership)
Elections for the Alberta Administration / VIA Rail Unit were held on Tuesday, May 8th during the Unit's membership meeting held at the CAW Edmonton Regional
Office.  Re-elected to new three-year terms are:

Unit Local Chairperson - Sandy Barwell (Acclaimed)                      Vice Local Chairperson - Don Butz (Acclaimed)
Unit Recording/Financial Secretary - Kim Hartley (Acclaimed)
Unit Elections were held in Prince George earlier this year for the position of Local Chairperson for the Prince George and Northern B.C. CN membership, where
Joe Louro was acclaimed.  Last spring, elections were held for the Unit Local Chairperson and Vice Local Chairpersons for the Alberta North Unit (Savage Alberta
Railway membership based in Grande Cache and Grande Prairie, Alberta), where
Dave Judge and Pat McLaughlin were re-elected by acclamation.   
Results for Election of President, Financial Secretary and Trustees: