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Results from the CAW Local 4001/Council 4000 CN Bargaining Survey  
October 10, 2006
The results from the recent survey of CN members to determine priorities for the upcoming round of contract negotiations with
CN, reveals that a reasonable wage increase, given the Company's continued financial success and taking into account the
rising costs in today’s strong economy, tops the list of priorities for this round of collective bargaining.  This is followed by:

2.) Improvements to the Dental Plan; 3.) Establish Paid Sick Leave in the collective agreements; 4.) Improve the Vision Plan;
5.) Eliminate the Life Time Maximum of the Extended Health Care Plan (EHCP); 6.) Lower the years of service that is required
for 5-weeks and 6-weeks vacation;
7.) Improve Work Ownership language in the collective agreements, and 8.) Increase WIB
(Great West Life) payments.

Over 87% of survey respondents suggested they do not want Orthodontic coverage increased at the expense of other benefits
or benefit increases.  Instead, members would prefer to see improvements to existing benefits such as Dental, Vision, and the
Extended Health Care Plan, and to establish new Paid Sick Leave provisions.

Click here to access the survey results. [PDF]