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CAW Web Page
The national web page of the CAW

CAW Local 4005 - Atlantic Region
CAW Local 4005 is one of five Regional Local Unions that form CAW National
Council 4000.  Local 4005 represents workers at CN; DHL Express; Nova Scotia
Federation of Labour Support Staff; Rivenwood Furniture; Scanwood Canada
Ltd.; VIA Rail Canada; and the World Trade & Convention Centre Halifax.

CAW Local 100  (CN Shopcraft)
CAW Local 100 represents over 4500 shopcraft and skilled trades workers in the
rail sector

CAW Local 101  (CP Shopcraft)
CAW Local 101 represents shopcraft and skilled trades workers in the rail sector

CAW Local Unions
A list of CAW Local Unions that host Web Pages
Bourque News Watch
An extensive list of various news media (National daily's and local newspapers
across Canada, television, radio and web pages)

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety
CCOHS Web Page that provides extensive information and advice about
occupational Health
& Safety

Canadian Health Coalition
CHC Web Page provides several articles and information in preserving and
enhancing Canada's public health care system

Canadian Labour History
Learn about this country's labour history, including the struggles of workers
from years past who helped shape today's labour standards

Canadian Railway Office of Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
The Web Page of CROA, which includes information on the rules of CROA,
members of CROA, CROA Awards, and CROA schedules

Friends of Medicare
Friends of Medicare is a coalition of individuals, church & service organizations,
social justice groups, unions and associations committed to preserving a single
public health care system in Alberta

New Demorcratic Party of Canada (NDP)
Web Page of the New Demorcratic Party of Canada

Operation Life Saver
A national public education program sponsored by Transport Canada, the
Railway Associtaion of Canada, Canada Safety Counci, provincial safety
councils, community leagues, unions, railway companies, police and public &
community groups to educate the public on railway safety

Rabble News
Web Page featuring various journalists, writers, artists and activists across
Canada contributing articles on democracy and social justice
Over 10,000 rail-related links, search engine, daily rail news, free classified
ads, discussion board, Train Simulator add-ons, and more!

Railway Arbitration Cases
A database of over 4000 Canadian railway arbitration awards (Adhoc, CROA and
Shopcraft) dating back to 1965 to present

Railway Association of Canada
An industry Association of 57 Canadian frieght, passenger, commuter and
tourist railways whose role is to provide policy analysis and advocacy on behalf
of the railway industry

Shift Work and Shift Stress
Useful information and advice for shift workers on how to cope and maanage
with shift work and shift work stress.  Also includes links on other lifestyle
issues such as Jet Stress (dealing with airline travel), motion sickness, drink
ease, women's health and sports health issues

The Tommy Douglas Research Institute
An independent non-profit Canadian economic and social research and
educational organization whose main objective is the redirection of public
attention to the respective role of both large business and governments in
providing for the well-being of Canadians.  Named after Tommy C. Douglas,
who was raised in Winnipeg and later became the Premier of Saskatchewan and
acknowledged father of Canadian Medicare.
Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL)

BC Federation of Labour (BCFed)

Canadian Labour Congress (CLC)

Manitoba Federation of Labour (MFL)

New Brunswick Federation of Labour (NBFL)

Newfoundland & Labrador Federation (NLFL)

Nova Scotia Federation of Labour (NSFL)

Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL)

Prince Edward Island Federation of Labour (PEIFL)

Quebec Federation Of Labour (QFL)

Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL)

Government of British Columbia

Government of Canada

Government of Manitoba

Government of New Brunswick

Government of Nova Scotia

Government of Ontario

Government of Quebec

Government of Saskatchewan
Canadian National

DHL Express

Motor Coach Industries

Nova Scotia Federation of Labour

Rocky Mountaineer Vacations

Toronto Terminals Railway

VIA Rail Canada

World Trade and Convention Centre Halifax