CAW National Council 4000
Occupational Health and Safety

Medical Issues • Your Right to Privacy

If the status of your disability is in doubt; especially if there is time loss:

The company has a right to require from you a medical certificate stating:

1.  If you are fit or unfit.
2.  If you are unfit, the nature of your limitations, e.g., no heavy lifting, no stair climbing etc.
3.  How long your condition is likely to continue.

The choice of physician is up to you.

The company and its doctor has no right:

1.  To know the diagnosis of your condition.
2.  To obtain your detailed medical records from your physician.
3.  To communicate directly with your physician.
4.  To require you to be examined by the company doctor or company nurse.

If you want to give the company your informed, written consent to the above information it’s up to you. The company cannot
however require you to provide it.

Source:  CAW Health, Safety & Environment Department