CAW National Council 4000 National Election Committee

Local 4001 - Tony Andrzejewski
Local 4002 - Joey Broda
Local 4003 - Roy Eagan
Local 4004 - Wally Wilkinson
(elected as Chairperson from within the committee)
Local 4005 - George Baker

Nominations for National Council 4000 President (in the order they were nominated)

Barry Kennedy, Council 4000 Regional Representative Mountain Region
Nominated by Brian Elcombe (Toronto), President CAW Local 4003 Great Lakes Region

Bob Fitzgerald, President Council 4000
Nominated by Frank Consiglio (Toronto), CAW Local 4003 Local Chairperson for VIA Rail

Nominations for National Council 4000 Secretary-Treasurer (in the order they were nominated)

Heather Grant, Council 4000 Regional Representative Atlantic Region
Nominated by Ron Shore (Vancouver), President CAW Local 4001 Mountain Region

Dan Michaluk, Local 4002 Prairie Region
Nominated by Joey Broda (Melville), Local 4002 Prairie Region

Dave Mercer-Hazlitt, Council 4000 Regional Representative Mountain/Prairie Region
Nominated by Matt Fischer (Vancouver), CAW Local 4001 Local Chairperson for Rocky Mountaineer Vacations
The Committee to
Elect Barry Kennedy
Halifax : Montreal : Toronto
Winnipeg : Calgary : Edmonton
Grande Cache : Grande Prairie
Prince George : Vancouver

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