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Elections for Council President and Secretary-Treasurer
November 5, 2007
Elections are now underway for the positions of CAW National Council 4000 President and Secretary-Treasurer.  Elections are held every three years.  
Nominations were conducted during Council 4000's third triennial convention held at the Delta Montreal Hotel from November  to 4, 2007
(fourth since the
founding convention in November 1997)

Challenging the current President Bob Fitzgerald is
Barry Kennedy, the Regional Representative of Council 4000's Mountain Region, representing members
at CN and Savage Alberta Railway in Alberta and British Columbia.  Fitzgerald has been President since January of 2005, when he defeated the first President
of Council 4000, Rick Johnston.

The Secretary-Treasurer's position becomes vacant with the announcement by Bill Coolen during the Council 4000 Convention that he would not seek a fourth
terms as Secretary-Treasurer.  Bill Coolen was the first and thus far the only Secretary-Treasurer of Council 4000 since it was established in November 1997.  

Running to replace Brother Coolen is Heather Grant, the Regional Representative of Council 4000's Atlantic Region, representing members at DHL, Nova
Scotia Federation of Labour, Scanwood Canada and VIA Rail, Dave Mercer-Hazlitt, Regional Representative for the Mountain and Prairie Regions, representing
members at Rocky Mountaineer Vacations in British Columbia and VIA Rail in Western Canada, and Dan Michaluk, former President of CAW Local 4002.

Prior to the nomination process for President and Secretary-Treasurer, delegates from each of the five regional locals from coast to coast met in regional
caucuses to nominate and subsequently elect a Local Election Committee person to serve on the National Election Committee of Council 4000.  

Election ballots were mailed out to all members residences on November 27, 2007.  Ballots must be returned to the Council's National Office in Montreal not
later than January 18, 2008.  Ballots will be counted and the results announced on Saturday, January 19, 2008.

Click here for the writ of election and voting details

CAW National Council 4000 National Election Committee

Local 4001 - Tony Andrzejewski
Local 4002 - Joey Broda
Local 4003 - Roy Eagan
Local 4004 - Wally Wilkinson (elected as Chairperson from within the committee)
Local 4005 - George Baker

Nominations for National Council 4000 President (in the order they were nominated)

Barry Kennedy, Council 4000 Regional Representative Mountain Region (Click here for election website)
Nominated by Brian Elcombe (Toronto), President CAW Local 4003 Great Lakes Region

Bob Fitzgerald, President Council 4000
Nominated by Frank Consiglio (Toronto), CAW Local 4003 Local Chairperson for VIA Rail

Nominations for National Council 4000 Secretary-Treasurer (in the order they were nominated)

Heather Grant, Council 4000 Regional Representative Atlantic Region
Nominated by Ron Shore (Vancouver), President CAW Local 4001 Mountain Region

Dan Michaluk, Local 4002 Prairie Region
Nominated by Joey Broda (Melville), Local 4002 Prairie Region

Dave Mercer-Hazlitt, Council 4000 Regional Representative Mountain/Prairie Region
Nominated by Matt Fischer (Vancouver), CAW Local 4001 Local Chairperson for Rocky Mountaineer Vacations
January 20, 2008
CAW National Council 4000 Election Results:
Bob Fitzgerald retains CAW National Council 4000 Presidency - Heather Grant elected as Secretary-Treasurer
Bob Fitzgerald was re-elected as President of CAW National Council 4000, defeating challenger Barry Kennedy, Regional Rep for
the Mountain Region.  Fitzgerald enters his second term as Council President.  He was first elected in 2005.
In the battle for Secretary-Treasurer,  Heather Grant, Regional Rep for the Atlantic Region, was elected overwhelming to replace the
outgoing incumbent Bill Coolen, defeating her challengers Dan Michaluk, who finished second, and Regional Rep Dave
Mercer-Hazlitt, who finished third.  Grant becomes only the second Secretary-Treasurer of the Council since its inception in 1997.
A percentage break-down will follow shortly...
Bob Fitzgerald
Heather Grant
March 1, 2008
Louis Walsh acclaimed Council 4000 Regional Representative for the Atlantic Region
Nominations closed on February 28 for two positions of Regional Representative for CAW National Council 4000.  Louis Walsh has
been elected by acclamation as the Regional Representative responsible for servicing Atlantic Region members of CAW Local 4005
at DHL Express; Halifax World Trade and Convention Centre; Nova Scotia Federation of Labour support staff; Scanwood Canada Ltd.
and VIA Rail Canada (Agreements No. 1 and 2).  

Lou was previously the Chief Shop Steward for Local 4005 VIA Rail Agreement No. 1 members, a position he has held for some

Walsh replaces Heather Grant, who on January 19, 2008 was elected as Secretary-Treasurer of Council 4000, replacing Bill Coolen,
who retired on February 29th.

Election to start for Regional Rep for Great Lakes Region
In the Great Lakes Region, an election will be held for the Regional Representative position responsible for servicing members at CN
(Agreement 5.1 and the 5.1 Intermodal Supplemental Agreement); CN Transportation Ltd.; Coyote Terminals; Judy Vent Investments
(Harvey’s at Toronto's Union Station) and Toronto Terminals Railway.  
Louis (Lou) Walsh

Candidates nominated for the position are John Almdal and Geoff Green, both who are employed at CN and work in the Greater Toronto area.

The Great Lakes position has been vacant since the
resignation of Sandra Prudames effective July 27, 2007.
April 30, 2008
John Almdal elected Council 4000 Regional Representative for the Great Lakes Region
On April 26, 2008, John Almdal was elected as Council 4000's new Regional Representative responsible for servicing Great Lakes
Region members for Local 4003 at CN, Coyote Terminals and Toronto Terminals Railway.  Almdal defeated his challenger Geoff
Green.  Both candidates are employed at CN and work in the Greater Toronto area.

Almdal will hold the position until the spring of 2009, at which time National Council 4000 will hold elections for all 8 positions of
Regional Representatives.  

We congratulate John Almdal and wish him success in his future endeavours with our Council and Local 4003.
John Almdal