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Women's Economic Equality Campaign - International Women’s Day 2008
 CLC Women's Economic Equality Campaign
On International Women’s Day, the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) will launch a year-long campaign, “Equality – Once and
For All!”, which is aimed at improving women’s economic equality.

The campaign will involve a series of teach-ins in communities across the country and other creative tactics to address the
growing economic gap between men and women.  After 25 years of steady progress, the gap between the average wages of
men and women has stopped narrowing and is actually growing wider.  For women workers of colour, Aboriginal women and
women with disabilities, the disparity is much greater.

As part of the campaign, the CLC has developed a series of information leaflets on solutions such as pay equity, minimum wage
reform, creating accessible, affordable child care, Employment Insurance reform, improvements to public pensions, closing the
(especially large) wage gap for young women and protecting manufacturing jobs for women.

Click on the banners at left or below for campaign information, including reports, fact sheets and research papers.  
 CLC Women's Economic Equality Campaign


March 8 is International Women's Day

March 2 to March 8 is International Women's Week
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