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Support the workers at Molson Coors Edmonton: Fighting for the future!
The 102 members of CAW Local 284 employed at Molson Coors Brewery in Edmonton have been on strike since May 30, 2007.  Despite pre-tax
earnings of $483 million in the last fiscal year, and the Edmonton operation just winning a 'World Class Manufacturing award' for being the most
efficient plant within the Company world-wide, Molson Coors Brewing Company came to the bargaining table demanding major concessions from
the Edmonton work force.

The Company wants a permanent wage roll-back of $7.15/hour less for all new hires compared to the wages of current workers.  

Additionally, new workers would be forced to accept a defined contribution pension plan instead of the existing defined benefit plan.  This is only
worth 20% of what current workers receive.  With 44 workers set to retire over the next few years, this could create a two-tier pension system among
Local 284 members.

The Company is also looking to reduce the amount of paid sick days in the collective agreement from 9 per year to 6 for all new employees.

“There was a lot of hard work done by the bargaining committee to bring a reasonable, responsible proposal to the table but the company refused to budge
and is intent on rolling back the clock on wages and pensions to 1980 levels for any new employees,' said CAW National Representative Todd Romanow.  
Wages would be frozen at $22 an hour for full-time new workers and $14 an hour for part-time.

Romanow indicated it could potentially be a long, hot and dry summer without their production, which supplies bottled beer for Western Canada.  “The
company’s proposals to cut strong wages and pension payments are wrong at the best of times; but when costs are sky rocketing in Alberta along with an
economy that is setting the pace for the country, it really is a slap in the face to our members and working Albertans."  

"There's absolutely no reason for this corporation to be seeking concessions when they are meeting all of their monetary projections and handing out big
bonuses and stock options to senior personnel," said Garth Sanderson, CAW Local 284 President.

The Alberta Federation of Labour is calling for a boycott of all Molson products.

CAW Council 4000 asks that our membership support the striking workers of Local 284 by boycotting the following Molson Coors products:
Black Horse
Carling Black Label
Carling Black Label Light
Carling Black Label Dry
Carling Dark
Carling Extra Strong
Carling Extreme
Carling Original Draft
Coors Light
Foster's Lager
India Pale Ale
Miller Genuine Draft
Miller Draft Cans
Miller Light
Milwaukee's Best
Milwaukee's Best Dry
Milwaukee's Dry Ice
Molson Canadian
Molson Canadian Light
Molson Export Ale
Molson Export Light
Molson Dry
Molson Smooth Dry
Molson Special Dry
Molson Ultra
Murphy's Irish Stout
Old Stock Malt
Old Vienna
Pilsner Oldstyle
Pilsner Strong
Pilsner Supreme
Rickard's Red
Rickard's Pale Ale
Rickard's Honey Brown
Rickard's Taste Bottles
Rickard's White
(lemonade, sangria, etc)  Mountain Region
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NOTICE:  August 17, 2007
The CAW has suspended the boycott against Molson Coors