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CAW - VIA Rail Campaign
The CAW National Union, working with National Council 4000, Local 100 and the VIA Rail Units, have commenced a national
campaign to bring public and government attention to the funding shortfalls by the Harper government for VIA Rail.  This is an
Recently, CAW President Buzz Hargrove sent letters to the Harper government requesting a meeting on this important issue.  
The campaign includes postcards that we ask be filled out and sent to your Member of Parliament.  Buttons are also available
that highlight the importance of the campaign.  

The campaign was launched formally at the Quebec Council, November24-26, which is the parliament of the CAW in Quebec.  
Delegates are the top leadership from the total union in Quebec.  Luc Desnoyers, Quebec Director gave the delegates an
extensive overview in his report of this campaign, encouraging the whole union in Quebec to participate in the campaign and
introduced a resolution in support of this effort, which was unanimously endorsed by over 200 of the Union’s top leaders in
Quebec.  Desnoyers committed his full support to the campaign including raising this issue with both federal and provincial
elected members of the political parties.  

On December 8-10 in Toronto, CAW Council met as they do every three months to deal with the numerous issues facing the
CAW nationally.  CAW National President Buzz Hargrove, in his in depth report to the over 800 top leadership from across
Canada, included an outline of the VIA campaign and the importance of the full CAW membership participating in support of
VIA workers.  

In addition the CAW's national campaign to bring public attention to the need to properly fund VIA, the Union also passed a
resolution at the December CAW Council calling on the Harper government to immediately commit long term funding to
ensure a strong future for VIA Rail service and the thousands of Canadian jobs it provides.  

Bob Fitzgerald, CAW Council 4000 president, said the VIA resolution debated at CAW Council is about ensuring the issues
facing VIA Rail are brought forward into public debate.  He said the future of VIA is critical in terms of many issues including
jobs, commerce, tourism, the environment, the isolation of northern communities that rely on VIA, rural commuters, students
and others.  “We’re talking about tying a nation together from coast to coast to coast,” Fitzgerald said.

As previously reported, the CAW VIA Rail Campaign included billboards that were strategically placed in twelve major cities
across the country.  We must have the full support of our VIA members and the entire CAW membership in order to ensure
that VIA Rail is supported and that the necessary funding is secured so that we protect important jobs of our members and
their families.  The VIA system has been described as a jewel of the nation as it ties the country together from coast to coast to
coast.  Please give the campaign your full support.

Over the past couple of months, full time representatives of the National Union and CAW National Council 4000 have visited
various VIA train stations across Canada to distribute postcards and buttons to VIA passengers, expressing to them the
importance of the CAW campaign to ensure the Federal Government properly fund our national rail passenger service.  
During the CN ratification process, the Union distributed numerous postcards that CN members completed and
acknowledged the importance and their support of the Union's campaign.

Please contact you appropriate
Regional Representative of CAW Council 4000 for a postcard.  Send them to your MP asking
them to support proper funding of VIA Rail Canada.  

April 1, 2007 -
CAW meets with Transport Minister to discuss VIA Rail funding
March 27, 2007 - Conservative Budget fails to provide capital funding for VIA Rail
March 14, 2007 - CAW VIA Rail Campaign: Hargrove to meet with Transport Minister
December 23, 2006 - Delegates to the December CAW Council debate the future of VIA Rail
December 6, 2006 - CAW - VIA Rail Campaign
November 6, 2006 - Canadians can’t ignore the crisis at VIA   
Let's Fund VIA Rail Campaign
Assistant to the CAW President
Bob Chernecki (above left) and
CAW National Council 4000
President Bob Fitzgerald
distribute CAW Fund VIA
postcards and talk with VIA Rail
passengers at Central Station
in Montreal during CN
Bargaining in December.
- - - - - - - - - - -
(Below) CAW National Rep
Doug Olshewski passes out
postcards at Central Station
and explains to VIA passengers
the importance of the CAW's
Fund VIA Rail Campaign.
CAW's Bob Chernecki & CAW Council 4000 President Bob Fitzgerald
CAW National Representative Doug Olshewski
CAW National Representative Brian McDonagh
passengers at Montreal's
Central Station about the VIA
Rail Campaign and postcards.