September 2, 2009
Barry Kennedy elected as the new President of CAW National Council 4000

Nominations closed on Friday, August 28, 2009 for the position of President of CAW National Council 4000.  Walter Wilkinson, Chair
of the Council 4000 National Election Committee announced that current Regional Representative Barry Kennedy, responsible for
servicing the Council's Mountain Region Local 4001 membership at CN and Savage Alberta Railway, has been elected by acclamation
to the position.  The Council's
Presidency was being filled by CAW Local 4001 President Ron Shore on an interim basis following the
appointment of Bob Fitzgerald to the staff of the national CAW on July 27th.
  Brother Kennedy has been actively involved with the Union for several years.  He is the longest serving
full-time officer of Council 4000 and has been consecutively the longest serving Regional Representative,
which he was first elected in 2000.  

Prior to being elected as Regional Representative, Barry served in the capacities of Unit Local Chairperson
for CAW Local 4001's Alberta Administration/VIA Rail Unit from the establishment of CAW Local 4001 and
Council 4000 in 1997; he was the President and Local Chairperson of CAW Local 4031 prior to the
establishment of Local 4001 and Council 4000.  He has served as a Vice Local Chairperson and on various
union committees through the years.  He has been employed with CN since graduating school in 1981.   

Brothers Shore and Kennedy will work out a transition period for Kennedy to assume the role of President.

Brother Kennedy will continue to be based in Edmonton, Alberta.  It will be a short term for Kennedy, as
elections for the Council President and Secretary-Treasurer will take place next fall at the Council 4000
Convention, being planned for Halifax, as in accordance the Bylaws of CAW Council 4000.
Barry Kennedy

Timing for an election for Regional Representative for the Mountain Region membership at CN and Savage Alberta Railway will be
determined in conjunction with the transition of Council President.