October 8, 2009
Message from new CAW National Council 4000 President Barry Kennedy
I just wanted to take a moment to pass along thanks to those who expressed support in my running for
President of CAW National Council 4000.  As you may be aware, I was acclaimed to the position August 31,
2009, and officially took the office on Monday, September 28, 2009.

I would like to thank Brother Ron Shore for his work during his term as the interim President of the Council
from July 27th to September 27th.  As President of CAW Local 4001 (Mountain Region) and Vice President of
Council 4000, Brother Shore took over the leadership of the Council when Bob Fitzgerald was appointed to
the national staff of the CAW.  Brother Shore is presently serving as the interim Regional Representative for
Local 4001, servicing the Mountain Region membership at CN and Savage Alberta Railway following the
vacancy created by my taking over as the new Council President.  

Brother Fitzgerald served Council 4000 in roles as Regional Representative for the Great Lakes Region
(Local 4003) and then as President of Council 4000 from January 2005 to July 26, 2009.  I thank him for all
his work and dedication to Council 4000 over the years and wish him well in his new role as National
Representative, where he will continue to assist our Council in arbitration, bargaining, Labour Board
matters and consultation on various other issues that concern our membership.  His years of experience in
the labour movement will continue to be a benefit to our Council 4000 membership and I look forward to
working closely with Brother Fitzgerald as we move forward.
Barry Kennedy
Council 4000 President

Timing for an election for Regional Representative for the Mountain Region membership at CN and Savage Alberta Railway will be
determined in conjunction with the transition of Council President.

I am looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead and in serving as the President of our Council.  I have been a proud and
supportive member of our Union since I hired on with CN in 1981, first with the Canadian Brotherhood of Railway, Transport and
General Workers Union (CBRT&GW), and then the CAW since 1994.  I am honoured to serve as President.  It’s an important
responsibility and one that I do not take lightly.    

The only hesitation that I had in standing for the President’s position was leaving my position as Regional Representative.  I have
truly enjoyed my job and role over the past 9½ years representing and servicing Local 4001 and our Mountain Region membership
at CN and Savage Alberta Railway.  It is difficult to leave it!  

I have a great relationship with our Local Leadership in Alberta and British Columbia and have received tremendous support over
the years for which I am extremely grateful.  But in the end, I decided that the time is right to stand up to the challenges facing our
Council and its five Regional Local Unions by serving in the role as Council President.  

I plan on working extremely hard over the next year to garner the same level of respect and support from our full membership from
coast to coast that I have received from my Local (4001).  Hard work, open communication, leadership and professionalism
displayed by me as your National Council President will work to earning your respect as a member, as well the respect of our
numerous Local Union officers across the country.  

I will work closely with the Council Executive Board and our full time Regional Representatives in improving our level of service,
opening up our lines of communication both internally and amongst our membership, and promoting our Council and Union.  

This website is an example of my dedication in striving to keep our membership informed.  I built and designed this website back in
1998 as a site exclusive to Local 4001.  In 2004 I expanded it to include contact information, news stories and resources for all of
Council 4000.  I maintain and update this website on a weekly basis
at my own cost.  In serving as President of the Council, I will
be able to add more news and information affecting all regions of the country, and will continue to improve the site and add more
web features in the future.  It is my desire to have more people (Local officers and committee members) assist by adding more
news items and information on this site.

We have a lot of challenges and work ahead of us.  The end of this year (2009) sees the contracts of our Council 4000 membership
expiring at Savage Alberta Railway (now owned and operated by CN), Toronto Terminals Railway, Halifax World Trade & Convention
Centre and VIA Rail Canada.  We are still in bargaining for new collective agreements for members at DHL and Scanwood Canada
Ltd. in Nova Scotia.  Add to this the everyday challenges that face us as a Union in today’s challenging economic times.

I hope for your support as we move forward, and welcome your comments, opinions and suggestions.  Open dialog and the
opportunity to discuss issues freely is an important, democratic right that all union members have.  Together, as one voice, we must
be proud in our labour, proud of our union and proud in standing collectively as an informed and united workforce.  This is our
greatest asset.  Your solidarity makes us stronger!

In Solidarity,

Barry Kennedy
CAW-Canada, National Council 4000
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