October 8, 2009
Ron Shore appointed as interim Regional Representative of CAW Council 4000's Mountain Region

With the acclamation of Barry Kennedy to the position of President of CAW National Council 4000, effective September 28, 2009,
Ron Shore, President of CAW Local 4001 has been appointed to the subsequent vacancy of Regional Representative responsible for
servicing the Council's Mountain Region membership at CN and Savage Alberta Railway.
  Brother Shore has been involved with the Union for almost 20-years, holding various Local officer
positions, including interim President of Council 4000 and Vice President of the Council.  Prior to being
elected as President of Local 4001, Ron was the Vice-President of the Local 4001 and the Unit Local
Chairperson of the Local’s BC South Unit, which services the CN B.C. membership at Boston Bar, Kamloops
and the Greater Vancouver area.  Prior to that, he was the Local Chairperson for CAW Local 4326 prior to
the formation of Local 4001 and Council 4000 in November 1997.

Ron was unanimously selected by the Local 4001 Executive Board during a conference call on Saturday,
October 3, 2009.  The appointment was endorsed by the National Council Executive Board.

Brother Shore will act as the interim Regional Representative until an election is completed for a full time

Nominations opened on October 1, 2009 and will close on October 16th.  Brother Shore has made it
known to the Local and Council Executive that he will run for the position.  
Ron Shore

The election is scheduled to be completed by November 28, 2009.  If a second ballot run-off is required, that would begin on
December 10th.

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