October 8, 2009
CAW and VIA Rail set to open talks on a new contract

The VIA Rail Collective Agreements expire at the end of December 2009.

The CAW bargaining team will be meeting with VIA for the first time the week of October 19, 2009 in Ottawa.  This will be basically
to exchange demands and discuss the reasons for the demands.  We anticipate more meetings over the next few weeks (and
months) after this preliminary meeting before a collective agreement is resolved.

The bargaining team will have local union meetings in the near future to discuss progress on our talks.

The CAW VIA Rail bargaining committee consists of:

Bob Chernecki - Assistant to the CAW National President,
Bob Fitzgerald - CAW National Representative
Barry Kennedy - CAW Council 4000 President
Heather Grant - CAW Council 4000 Secretary-Treasurer
Danny Andru - Regional Representative, CAW Council 4000 Great Lakes Region
Louis Walsh - Regional Representative, CAW Council 4000 Atlantic Region
Serge Auger - Regional Representative, CAW Council 4000 St. Lawrence Region
Dave Kissack - Regional Representative, CAW Council 4000 Prairie and Mountain Regions

CAW National President Ken Lewenza will join the bargaining committee in opening talks with VIA Rail.

The CAW will also provide assistance from staff at their head office.

Submitted by Danny Andru