May 28, 2009
Injured Workers’ Day – June 1, 2009

Following last years Canadian labour Congress (CLC) Convention, the Executive recognized Injured Workers’ Day each June 1st as
a National Day of Action, commemorating the fight of injured workers for justice.  It celebrates the history of the struggle and
focuses on the fight for a just compensation system.

The last decade has seen the deterioration of the compensation system across the country.  Today, more workers are being injured
throughout Canada.  Workers Compensation has developed incentive systems designed to hide injuries and benefits have been
reduced while injured workers have come under greater pressure from employers.

More and more workers are choosing not to file compensation claims for fear of the bureaucracy of the system and the power of
employers to humiliate them at work and/or force them into unemployment.

June 1, 2009 marks the day, 26 years ago, when injured workers by the thousands stormed Queen’s Park at the Ontario
Legislature and forced the then Conservative Government to cancel their plans to eliminate the pension system.  That
demonstration led to the introduction of COLA protection for compensation pensions.  Injured workers fought because they had
suffered humiliation and hardship for too long.

The CAW is working, through the CAW Health and Safety Department to make June 1st a day when CAW Locals join with other
Unions across Canada to demonstrate their solidarity for injured workers groups, and to demand a just compensation system.  

In Solidarity,

Ken Lewenza
National President

Click here for the history of Injured Workers' Day (PDF)