March 24, 2009
CN Extended Health Care Deadline

March 31, 2009 is the deadline for CN members to submit claims for incurred expenses covered by the Extended Health Care Plan.  
The EHCP, negotiated by the Union during collective bargaining, provides benefits for Major Medical, Vision Care, Prescription Drugs
and hospital expenses.

Expense claims, with receipts, must be submitted to Sun Life within 90-days from the end of the calendar year in which they were

As Hospital costs are normally handled directly between Sun Life and the hospital at time of admittance, the deadline applies mainly
to prescription drugs, medical supplies, medical testing and vision care (eye glasses and contacts prescribed by ophthalmologists
and optometrists).  

For forms, contact your local Administrative Clerk in your department, the DMC in Moncton, a CN Human Resources representative,
or log on the CN Intranet from a Company computer to download a form.

If you haven’t yet submitted your Health Care expenses, hurry up, you only have until next Tuesday, March 31st!