March 13, 2009
CAW National Council 4000 Regional Representative Elections

Elections will be held beginning this March for the positions of Regional Representatives for CAW National Council 4000.  The Council
has 8-full time Regional Representative positions across Canada to service the various areas of our approximate 5,000 members:

  • Local 4001 (Mountain Region) responsible for CN, CNTL and Savage Alberta Railway;
  • Local 4001 and 4002 (Western Canada) responsible for Rocky Mountain Catering Co. Ltd., Rocky Mountaineer Vacations
    and VIA Rail Canada;
  • Local 4002 (Prairie Region) responsible for CN and CNTL;
  • Local 4003 (Great Lakes Region) responsible for CN, CNTL, Coyote Terminals and Toronto Terminals Railway;  
  • Local 4003 (Great Lakes Region) responsible for Judy Vent Investments (Harvey’s), Motor Coach Industries and VIA Rail
  • Local 4004 (St. Lawrence Region) responsible for VIA Rail Canada;
  • Local 4004 and 4005 (Eastern Canada) responsible for CN and CNTL;
  • Local 4005 (Atlantic Region) responsible for DHL Express, Halifax World Trade and Convention Centre, Nova Scotia
    Federation of Labour support staff, Scanwood Canada Ltd. and VIA Rail Canada.

There will certainly be one new face following these elections, as it has been confirmed at the time of writing this article that long
time Regional Representative Rick Doherty (Local 4002 Prairie Region responsible for CN and CNTL) will be retiring at the end of his
current term, which is June 30, 2009.  

There have been rumours that he may be joined in retirement by Dave Mercer-Hazlitt (Local 4001/4002 responsible for Rocky
Mountaineer Vacations and VIA Rail) and Claude Rainville (Local 4004/4005 responsible for CN and CNTL), but decisions will not
probably be announced until the completion of the nominations process.

These positions play a significant role in the servicing of our membership from coast to coast.  Candidates for these positions should
have some previous experience within the labour movement, a previous Union or their current Local Union.  

Click here to review the Council 4000 Regional Representative job description

Nomination information and forms have been distributed to all locations across the country.

The following is the timetable for Regional Rep elections:
Writs of Election (nominations open) March 3, 2009
Nominations Close March 24, 2009
Ballots Distributed April 7, 2009
Ballots In (Cut off Date) May 8, 2009
Results Issued By May 11, 2009
Run off if required May 28, 2009

The Council’s National Election Committee will be handling these elections.  Any inquires may be made through either National
Election Chairperson Wally Wilkinson at
514-761-2154 or by email at by clicking here, or you may also contact Council 4000
Administrative Assistant Sylvie Bruneau at
450-671-0119 or by email by clicking here.  

Once the nominations are complete, will be posting additional updates on the elections.