June 10, 2009
CAW's Peggy Nash is a recipient of the 2009 Toronto YWCA Women of Distinction Award

Peggy Nash, assistant to the CAW National President and former Member of Parliament, was named the 2009 Toronto YWCA
Woman of Distinction for Labour, in recognition of the decades Peggy has spent as a trailblazer, fighting for equality and human
rights within the labour movement and in the broader community.

As a CAW leader, Peggy was instrumental in achieving improvements such as pensions for same-sex partners, developing
anti-harassment and anti-racism programs and negotiating a 'right to refuse work' clause for women facing workplace harassment.

Always pushing for women's greater participation in politics, Peggy is a founding member of Equal Voice, an all-party organization
that advocates for the election of more women in Canada.  Peggy is also a former member of Metropolitan Action Committee on
Violence Against Women (METRAC) and has been a board member for a number of community organizations.

As part of the annual awards ceremony, the YWCA recognized seven women, all of whom have inspired countless women and men
with their leadership and desire to improve community life for all.

For more information on the award or to find out about other recipients, please click on the link below to visit the YWCA Toronto