July 23, 2009
Bob Fitzgerald appointed to CAW national staff

With the retirement of CAW National Representative Doug Olshewski on July 31, 2009, CAW President Ken Lewenza announced
that Bob Fitzgerald, currently the President of CAW National Council 4000, will join the national staff of the union effective Monday,
July 27, 2009.  Bob will assume the duties of the retiring Brother Olshewski, which is servicing the CAW membership at CN, Savage
Alberta Railway, Toronto Terminals Railway and VIA Rail Canada.   

Bob has a long history of trade union activism.  In recent years, prior to twice being elected as President of National Council 4000,
Brother Fitzgerald served one term as the Regional Representative of the Council’s St. Lawrence Region responsible for servicing
Local 4003 members at Autoport, CN, Coyote Terminals, and Toronto Terminals Railway.

We wish Brother Fitzgerald success in his future endeavours in his new role with the CAW.

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