January 7, 2009
Workers not to blame for economic crisis

Greedy bankers and CEOs with their highly risky investments, astronomically leveraged buy-outs and sense of entitlement, have
created the worst economic mess since the Great Depression.  Yet a growing chorus of big business apologists are now trying to
shift the blame to ordinary working people and their unions.

These big shots want to use a crisis that they created to take away the hard-won right of working people to bargain collectively for
their wages and working conditions.  If the Great Depression of the 1930s taught us anything, it is that lowering wages creates a
downward spiral without bottom.  Workers who lose their purchasing power can no longer support their local businesses and

Working people had nothing to do with the bonehead business decisions of the companies who engineered this crisis, but the
Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) has a plan to solve it.

The CLC is encouraging ordinary working people to send personal messages to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Finance Minister Jim
Flaherty and your Member of Parliament to tell them in the upcoming federal budget they must take action to protect the jobs,
savings and pensions of ordinary Canadians.

The CLC has launched a new campaign titled: "Get Real! It's the Economy - make it work for

Click on the campaign banner at right to read what you can do in participating in this important
campaign, what solutions the labour movement is to stimulate the economy and to create and
protect jobs, pensions and public services.  
 CLC Campaign: Get Real! It's the Economy - make it work for us

Source:  CLC