August 31, 2009
CAW wraps up Constitutional Convention in Quebec City

More than 1000 CAW members, staff and special guests gathered in Quebec City at the Centre de
Congres for the Union's 9th Constitutional Convention from Tuesday, August 18 to Friday, August
21, 2009.  CAW National Council 4000 and its five Regional Locals sent an impressive 29 delegates
to participate in this years constitutional convention.  

The convention is held every three years and among several important items on its agenda
includes the election of the top three officers of the Union (National President, Secretary-Treasurer
and Quebec Director) and the Union’s National Executive Board.  Delegates representing local
unions from all across Canada debated and voted on the policy direction of the CAW over the next
three years and amendments to the CAW Constitution.

The theme of this year's convention was: "challenges, resistance, opportunity, renewal," with a
particular focus on building an inclusive labour movement in difficult economic times. Central to this
goal will be expanding the role of young workers in the union, increasing community outreach,
including working more closely with new Canadians, temporary and immigrant workers and
workers of colour.

Key speakers at this year’s convention included:

  • CAW National President Ken Lewenza;
  • CAW (TCA) Quebec Director Jean-Pierre Fortin;
  • Leader of the Federal New Democratic Party (NDP) Jack Layton;
  • Leader of the Parti Québécois Pauline Marois;
  • Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) President Ken Georgetti;
  • Federation of Workers in Quebec (FTQ) President Michel Arsenault;
  • Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) National President Paul Moist; Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union
    (CEP) National President David Coles;
  • International Transport Federation (ITF) General Secretary David Cockroft;
  • Secretary of the France General Confederation of Labour (CGT) Bernard Thibault.
  • CSA TUCA General Secretary Victor Baez Mosqueira;

On August 20th, delegates re-elected Ken Lewenza as CAW National President and Jean-Pierre Fortin as Quebec Director, and
elected Peter Kennedy as National Secretary-Treasurer, replacing 18-year incumbent Jim O’Neil who announced last year that he
was retiring.

The next constitutional convention will be held in three years time in August 2012, the location yet to be determined.

For more on the convention, click here!

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