April 27, 2009
Goodbye and thanks to two Council 4000 veterans • Rick Doherty and Dave Mercer-Hazlitt

Beginning on July 1, 2009, which starts the new three year term for the Council’s Regional Representatives, at least two new faces
will join CAW National Council 4000 while a couple of familiar faces will be missing.
  The longest serving Regional Representative of Council 4000, Rick Doherty, who has represented the
Council’s Prairie Region and CAW Local 4002 membership at CN since the formation of Council 4000 and
Local 4002 in November 1997, will retire at the end of his current term.  

Prior to being elected Regional Representative in time for the start of bargaining with CN in 1997 (before
the official formation of Council 4000 and Local 4002 in November 97), Rick was the long standing Local
Chairperson for CAW Local 4067 in Winnipeg, and before that, CBRT&GW Local 67.  Rick replaced the
previous long serving Local Chairperson Karen Naylor when she moved over to a full time staff job with
the CBRT&GW, and later serving as National Representative with the CAW.  Incidentally, Sister Naylor just
recently retired also.  Rick has been employed with CN since May 1973, working for many years in the
Carload Centre at Symington Yard in Winnipeg before going over to CN’s Customer Support Centre in
downtown Winnipeg, where shortly thereafter he became a full time Local Chairperson.

An election is forthcoming to replace Brother Doherty, with candidates’ Chuck Barbour, Guy Bouvier, Alvin
Bruyere and Dan Michaluk accepting nomination.
Rick Doherty

Brother Doherty’s years of experience in the union and his service to our membership will be truly missed.  We wish Rick and his
wife all the best in his retirement, with good health and prosperity and thank him for all his years of hard work and service to our
membership.  We will all miss ‘Doh”!
  Dave Mercer-Hazlitt, who has been the Regional Representative for the Western Canada VIA Rail
membership and Local 4001 members at Rocky Mountaineer Vacations and Rocky Mountain Catering Co.
has also announced that he will not seek a fourth term with Council 4000.

Brother Mercer-Hazlitt, who resides in Parksville, B.C. on Vancouver Island, was first elected as Regional
Representative in 2000 and was re-elected for two additional terms with the Council.  Dave has been
employed with VIA Rail Canada.  Brother Mercer-Hazlitt served as Local Chairperson in Winnipeg for the
Winnipeg VIA Rail membership.    

Matt Fisher, Dave Kissack and John Matthews have accepted nomination to replace to Brother
Mercer-Hazlitt in the upcoming elections for Regional Representatives.  

Dave will not be heading into retirement just yet.  Although he is retiring from the Council, Dave has
decided to return to VIA Rail and work VIA's Canadian between Vancouver and Winnipeg.
Dave Mercer-Hazlitt
We wish Dave all the best in his future endeavours along with good health and prosperity and thank him for all his years of
dedication, hard work and service to the members he has served.

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