September 1, 2008
Welcome to the newly redesigned CAW National Council 4000 Website -

Welcome to the newly redesigned website of CAW National Council 4000.

Website designs and layouts are continually changing with the introduction of
new and improved website scripting, menus, flash animations and more.

With this in mind, and that we at have unlimited disk space
and data transfer, we have incorporated many new changes and improvements
to, which will place this website ahead of many other Local
Union sites in so far as our new features and the increased information and
resources that are available.

What's changed from before September 1, 2008?

A new design and colours.  I have designed and implemented new flash drop down menus that allow you to access more web
pages and information with less searching and navigational clicks.  

On the home page, you will see a new content glider under the heading "Spotlight."  The new content glider highlights the top
news stories featured on with photos or logos, as seen on many of todays news and entertainment websites.  
All you have to do is click on the photo on the content glider and you will be taken to that story.

Additional news and information items will be featured below the content glider under the heading, "CAW Council 4000 News."  This
section will contain various labour news and information that is of interest to our Council 4000 membership and sectors from coast
to coast.

Beside the CAW Council 4000 News box is
"iMedia."  iMedia will feature educational and labour oriented videos, and, from time to
time, the occasional funny item to lighten the day.  Past
iMedia feeds will be archived in the iMedia page that will be coming soon.    

In the
"About Us" section, I have added a membership profile on CAW National Council 4000; information about our national union,
CAW-Canada; the President's message page and access to the Bylaws of CAW Council 4000 and the CAW Constitution.

I have added a new
"Resource" section that features numerous informational and resource items, including:

Access to copies of most collective agreements with employers of Council 4000 members.  As they are featured in PDF, you can
download and print your own copy if you choose.  There is also a new Grievance Form section where you can print off a blank
grievance form to submit to your employer to initiate a grievance.  

The Health & Safety area has been expanded to include a large variety of Health, Safety and Environment issues, which includes
fact sheets on a variety of Occupational Health and Safety issues, Environmental matters and hazardous substances.  You may also
access Part II of the Canada Labour Code (Health & Safety), the Railway Safety Act and Workers' Compensation items.  The Health
and Safety NewsWire from Hazards and LabourStart remains, as does the CAW Health & Safety newsletters and links to the
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), Health Canada and the World Health Organization.

There is a new Human Rights area that contains a copy of the Canadian Human Rights Act and policy letters and information on
Aboriginal/Workers of Colour, Harassment, Human Rights and Pride.  There are also links to the various Human Rights Commissions
across Canada.

The Legislation area contains various legislative information, such as the Canada Labour Code.  The Railway Rules area contains
various railway rules and regulations, such as the Canadian Rail Operating Rules (CROR), Hours of Service Regulations, Railway
Medical Rules, National Safety Code for Motor Carriers and employer policies, such as drug and alcohol.   

I moved the Canadian labour news headlines from Labourstart to the home page, while I moved the World labour news headlines,
Act Now and Labourstart.TV to a new
"News / Negotiations" section, which will be featured on a new Labourstart page on

Also on the home page are links to CAW Rail CONTACT and Railfax, and a new
"Education" page that will feature CAW educational
courses and bursaries, and information on the Union's CAW Family Education Centre located on the shores of Lake Huron in Port
Elgin, Ontario.

I am still working on some of the new changes and web pages, so you may find certain areas will show "under construction" or
"renovating."  New designs will also be coming to the "Regional Locals" websites, as well as the French version of this website.  
Everything should be up and running before the end of the year, hopefully sooner.  I will continue to add new items and features as
they come to mind.

I hope you like the new design and features, and find this website to be interesting and useful.  Feel free to leave any comments!

In Solidarity,

Webmaster -
Barry Kennedy