October 7, 2008
Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty Gets the Boot
Thousands of used work boots were left outside Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's
campaign office in Whitby, Ontario on October 6, 2008 - a stark symbol of the nearly
200,000 manufacturing jobs lost in Canada under his Conservative government's

Hundreds of CAW members and local activists gathered outside Flaherty's office
government policies on Canada's beleaguered manufacturing sector as well as
other sectors of Canada's sinking economy.

The massive pile of work boots were collected from workers around Ontario who
have lost jobs during the manufacturing jobs crisis.

CAW President Ken Lewenza said "everything that Canada stands for in terms of
the collective good is at risk with this election and a possible Stephen Harper
majority.  This party's ideology is let the mighty survive on the backs of the
country's most vulnerable and that's not the Canada we want."
Thousands of used work boots are dropped outside
of Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaharty's Whitby,
Ontario campaign office on October 6, 2008
(Photo: Frank Gunn - Canadian Press)

Workers who have been laid off from Chrysler's Brampton assembly plant, Progressive Moulded Plastics, CAMI Automotive, and
other manufacturing plants around Ontario outlining the hardship they and their families are suffering through.

Source:  CAW News