October 3, 2008
2008 Federal Election - Learn more before you vote!
The current federal election campaign is of vital interest to working-class families and
every CAW member from across Canada.  The Harper Conservatives have not
demonstrated, in their 32-month term, that the issues, hardships and priorities of
working class families are priorities or of importance to them as a government.
What damage could be done if the Harper Conservatives should form a majority
government this Election Day, October 14, 2008?

Though only holding power as a minority government, since taking over a strong and
vibrant economy from the Liberals, the Conservative’s record thus far has shown that
they have failed as an economic manager for Canada.  Canada’s economy has
deteriorated under Stephen Harper’s leadership, and many Canadians are expecting us
to enter a recession with the United States.

The economic and financial meltdown in the US is being caused by the same policies that
the Harper Conservatives are forcing through in Canada in the sense of deregulation,
privatization, tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, increasing inequality, cuts to public services, and
inadequate public investment.  Stephen Harper has no positive vision for working Canadians.

The average Canadian today finds they are falling behind under Stephen Harper’s leadership:

  • The cost of living in Canada has increased by more than 7% since Harper came to power;
  • Average wages have increased by less than the rate of inflation, meaning most workers have had
    no increase in their real wages for the entire time Harper has been in power;
  • In Harper’s first two years, CEO salaries increased by more than 50%;
  • One in ten Canadians lives in poverty and the federal government has no anti-poverty plan;
  • Harper has done nothing to protect pensioners and investors from fraudulent financial scams;
  • When Harper arrived in office, the economy was growing at a healthy rate of 4.2% a year.  This
    year it will be down to less than 1% - the slowest rate of growth since the 1991/92 recession;
  • Canada’s productivity - the efficiency of our economy - has actually declined under Harper;
  • For each day Harper has been in office, an average of 200 manufacturing jobs has been lost.
Strategic voting is of high importance this Election.  Canadian’s from coast-to-coast-to-coast must prevent the Conservatives from
forming a majority government.

All you need to do is look south of the border and see what shape the 8-year’s of the Bush Republican Administration has left the
United States in; or, look to the damage caused to working class families in Australia after years of a John Howard Conservative
majority government, a man whose speeches and policies Stephen Harper has looked upon and relied on.

Want to know who stands up for Canadian workers in Parliament?

Find out which Members of Parliament voted for workers and who voted against.

Click here to view which MPs voted in favour of key issues important to working people (PDF)

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