November 25, 2008
CAW Local 4005 Young Workers Committee
Young members of CAW Local 4005 in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
have established the union's newest local union youth committee.

The committee consists of five young members under the age of 30,
lead by Chairperson Sebastien Bezeau who says that young workers
have an important role to play in building a more vibrant union for the

"Our top priorities as a committee focus on the development of our
capacities to reach out to new workers and unorganized workers,"
Bezeau said.  "Our union plays an important role in the lives of our
members and it's critical that we extend our reach beyond the
workplace and into the broader community."

Following an initial survey of Local 4005 young members, the
committee established three priority areas to focus their work on in
the near term that includes organizing new workplaces, developing a
"New Employee Handbook" for members and to initiate dialogue with
high school students on the role unions play in the workplace.
CAW Local 4005 represents rail and road transport workers in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick at VIA Rail, CN, DHL, as well as
workers at Scanwood Furniture, the World Trade and Convention Centre and the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour.  Local 4005 is a
division of CAW National Council 4000, which represents over 5000 CAW members across Canada.  

The Local 4005 Youth Committee is the eighteenth local union youth committees established in the CAW and the first committee
established in the Maritimes.

Source:  CAW News