November 4, 2008
Canadian Labour calls for a national boycott of Petro Canada

The President of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), Ken Georgetti, announced a country-wide
consumer boycott of Petro-Canada on October 28, 2008 while speaking to the national convention
of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union (CEP).  The boycott is part of a campaign
in support of 260 Petro-Canada workers who have been locked-out of their jobs at the company's
Montreal refinery.

"Canadians should not support any company that has the gall to wrap itself in our flag and use
our maple leaf as part of its logo while it abuses its workers, ignores their rights as Canadian
citizens and breaks the law by using scab labour.  Shame on Petro-Canada."

Georgetti says the unions, provincial and territorial federations of labour, and local labour councils
that make up the Canadian Labour Congress have agreed to support the Petro-Canada boycott.

The CLC asks that their combined membership of over 3.2 million working people, which include
CAW members, avoid doing business with Petro-Canada until the labour dispute in Montreal is
"We invite all Canadians who share our values of fairness, respect for the law and respect for the rights of working people to join
us.  Wherever possible, if there is an alternative to doing business with Petro-Canada, please make use of the alternative products
and services.  If Petro-Canada wants to hurt these workers, then we'll see how they feel when 3.2 million workers return the
favour," Georgetti said.

Click here for more information on the CLC website