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March 6 is International Railway Workers' Action Day
The 9th International Transport Federation (ITF) Railway Workers' International
Action Day will be held on Thursday, March 6, 2008.  

Railway workers' unions all over the world will take a variety of actions to appeal for
the importance of railway safety under the slogan: "Fight for the Future of Rail"

Last year, as part of the ITF’s 8th International Railway Workers' Action Day, CAW
representatives used a meeting with the Transport Canada Rail Safety Directorate
to raise ongoing rail safety issues and to voice concerns about derailments,
shipping dangerous commodities and negligent safety inspections.  Transport
Canada agreed to meet the union at least once a year over rail safety.

Click here for more information on last year’s CAW campaign

The CAW is currently arranging this year's meeting with Transport Canada to
discuss a number or Rail Safety Items.  

If members or Local Union officers have any matters they feel should be raised at
this meeting, please forward them ASAP to your
Regional Representative, or to
CAW National Representative Brian McDonagh so they may be placed on the

For further details on the 2008 ITF Railway Workers' International Action Day,
please email
Mac Urata, Section Secretary, ITF Inland Transport Sections.

ITF Campaign Website