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January 11, 2008
CAW files application with the CIRB for management positions at CN
During collective bargaining with CN in 2006 and 2007, the Council 4000 CN Bargaining Committee expressed concerns over bargaining unit jobs being
moved into management.  The committee submitted a demand during bargaining to review the various positions that they identified as being proper for the
bargaining unit or work that was historically performed by the Agreement 5.1 and Intermodal Supplemental Agreement membership.     

As the matter was not addressed as the Union had hoped during the bargaining process, the CAW Legal Department has filed an application to the Canada
Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) pursuant Section 18 and 18.1 of the Canada Labour Code, requesting an amended certification with the Board.  The
application requests a review of the clerical unit of CAW National Council 4000 alleging that the current unit lacks coherency as a result of many operational
and organizational changes.  The application specifically excludes employees represented by other unions and/or bargaining units.  

Bob Fitzgerald, President of National Council 4000, said that if successful, “this application has the potential of regaining numerous positions that legitimately
belong in our bargaining unit.”

The CIRB has appointed Warren Nelson, Senior Labour Relations Officer, to investigate the CAW’s application.  The Board is currently attempting to work out a
protocol on mediation proceedings.  CN was required to post a notice to all employees. will continue to monitor this matter and post updates on any future developments.
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