August 27, 2008
CAW President Buzz Hargrove announces he will retire this September

On Tuesday, July 8, 2008, CAW President Buzz Hargrove announced his early
retirement during a morning meeting of the Union’s National Executive Board, the
rank-and-file leadership body of the Union.  The board was meeting to endorse
candidates for both the National Presidential and Secretary-Treasurer positions.

Hargrove will step down following a special constitutional convention to be held
in September.  At the convention, 800 delegates from Local Unions across
Canada will vote by secret ballot on Hargrove’s successor to lead the CAW.

Hargrove has been the national president of the CAW since he was acclaimed on
June 27, 1992 after receiving the unanimous support of all constitutional
convention delegates, the National Executive Board and union staff.  Hargrove
will turn 65 in March 2009, the mandatory retirement age for any officer or staff
member of the Union.
In a meeting of the National Executive Board and the Union’s staff on July 8, both groups unanimously endorsed candidates Ken
Lewenza for National President and Peter Kennedy for National Secretary-Treasurer.

The outspoken Lewenza is a well-known figure in the Windsor-Essex area and has presided over five consecutive sets of
negotiations with Chrysler as the chair of the CAW Chrysler Master Bargaining Committee.  He has been the President of CAW Local
444 in Windsor, Ontario since 1994, having previously held numerous in-plant and Local Executive positions.

Kennedy has been the assistant to National Secretary-Treasurer Jim O’Neil since 1992 and plays an integral role in the daily
operations of the Union.  He also has numerous collective bargaining responsibilities including General Motors, CAMI (a GM-Suzuki
joint venture in Ingersoll, Ontario), the aerospace sector as well as the electronics and electrical sectors of the union.

The election for National Secretary-Treasurer will be held at the Constitutional Convention in August 2009 when Jim O’Neil will finish
his current three-year mandate and retire.

Source:  CAW NewsNow  [Originally posted on on July 11/08]