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September 19, 2007
Unions challenging Alberta's Labour Laws
The CAW is throwing its support behind a new campaign by the Alberta Union of Public Employees (AUPE)
to amend Alberta’s labour laws.

The campaign involves a five point platform which would involve allowing arbitrators to rule on overtime and
job postings, first contract binding arbitration, automatic certification, anti-scab laws and putting public and
private sector workers under the same labour code.

Dale Hauck, President of CAW Local 350 at Coca-Cola in Edmonton admits these goals are ambitious, but
would give the province’s labour laws a much needed update.

The provincial Progressive Conservative party, in power uninterrupted since 1971, has lately seen their
support slipping, with 36 per cent of voters undecided according to a recent poll, up from 17 per cent only
months before.  This is an indication that Albertans are getting fed up, said Hauck.
AUPE Change the Law Campaign [Click Here]

As part of the campaign, the AUPE will be dropping off leaflets at 300,000 households across the province.  Hauck has been volunteering on the campaign
trail, making follow up calls to places that received the leaflets.  “Roughly 3/5 of the changes affect workers in the private sector too, so we all have a stake in
this reform.”

Leaflets produced by the AUPE will be distributed all across Alberta, including worksites of CAW Local 4001/Council 4000.

For more information and leaflets, visit the AUPE website -
Click Here ( law/index.html)

Source:  CAW NewsNow /
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