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September 19, 2007
Air quality committee airs concerns with CN and City of Prince George
The People's Action Committee for Healthy Air (PACHA) has shipped off a letter to CN and to 18 others
including B.C. Ministries, B.C. Premier,  Federal  MPs , Provincial MLAs and Air Quality  Committees and
Task Forces.  

The letter  outlines a list of concerns, not the least of which is the potential for increased train and truck
traffic entering Prince George and heading to the new First Avenue CN Intermodal site.  That site is smack
dab in the middle of what the Ministry of Environment has already labelled a "stressed air shed."

PACHA also points out this intermodal  project has not  gone through an environmental review, and there
hasn't been enough information for the public about how CN will deal with a number of issues including,
anti-idling policies or reduced operations during an air quality advisory.

PACHA also wants to know  what, if anything, is CN's environmental policy with respect to the air quality
issues in Prince George?

In addition to the  questions about the intermodal site and increased traffic, PACHA is raising questions
about  truck routes.  Since there haven't been any dispersion modeling studies, PACHA says the planning
[Opinion250 photo]
Construction continues on CN's new Prince George
Intermodal Terminal and Transload Centre
is seriously flawed.

"If these routes are designed without the overarching environmental issues being considered and thoroughly addressed, we have a fundamental urban
development problem here which could seriously compromise the quality of life, health and safety of Prince George residents."

CN’s Senior Vice President of its Western Region, Jim Vena, attended Monday evening’s (September 17)
meeting of the Prince George City Council, where he outlined CN's plan for safety measures in the wake of
the August 4, 2007 train derailment in Prince George.

Source:  Opinion 250 News


August 8, 2007 -
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June 28, 2007 - New Prince George Intermodal Terminal sees new jobs for Local 4001
[Opinion250 photo]
Above Photo: Prince George during air quality advisory
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