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September 7, 2007
More women in unions than men, a first ever in Canada
Women are joining unions in greater numbers than men for the first time in Canadian labour history, according to a recent Statistics Canada Labour Force
Survey release.

The number of women in unions has increased each year over the last 10 years to the point that women have finally tipped the scales. The most recent data,
from January to June 2007, finds 2,248,000 women represented by unions, with 2,237,200 men represented.

“Increasingly women see unions as more than just better wages and benefits,” said Julie White, CAW Director of Women’s Programs. “Women see unions at
the forefront of fighting for issues like child care and an end to violence against women.”

The higher numbers of unionized women also reflect the larger range of sectors now represented by unions such as retail, health care and hospitality, which
are dominated by women.

“With the current attacks on equality under the Harper government, unions have become all the more relevant for women with the work we do around human
rights and equality,” said White.

The CAW has an ongoing national child care campaign and also lobbies the government for policies and programs that target violence against women. The
CAW has also negotiated the training and funding for a women’s advocate in many workplaces across the country.

Source:  CAW NewsNow
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