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September 7, 2007
CN to transfer Edmonton Supply Management function to Montreal Headquarters
On September 4, 2007, CN issued official notice to Council 4000 Regional Representative Barry Kennedy that they will be relocating their Edmonton-based
Supply Management operations to its Headquarters location in Montreal.  The change will affect 4 unionized positions based in Edmonton - three Senior
Inventory Maintainers and one Material Master Representative.  The announcement comes 50-days following an earlier notice of the Company in moving its
Edmonton Fleet Management operations to Montreal also.  Both changes become effective on January 31, 2008

The changes follow CN's recent organizational and reporting changes within its Engineering, Mechanical, Supply Management and Vehicle Fleet Management
network functions.  Several management positions are also affected, with some being eliminated.

In their Article 8.1(a) notice to the Union (pursuant the terms of the Employment Security and Income Maintenance Agreement), CN indicated that they will be
bulletining new positions in Montreal in conjunction with this change, but that at this point in time they are uncertain of the number of unionized positions that
will be established in Montreal.  As was the case with the Fleet Management notice, CN said a decision will be made by October 15, 2007 on the actual
number of Supply Management (SM) positions required in Montreal.  All Edmonton-based SM members named in the Article 8 notice have first right to the
positions that transfer to Montreal.

The Union will hold meetings with the Company as in accordance the terms of Article 8.4 of the ESIMA to discuss the required measures to minimize the
adverse affects this change will cause the Mountain Region membership.  

The Union has already held meetings with Company officials concerning the Fleet Management move.  "We have laid the ground work so to speak with our
meetings with Labour Relations and Fleet Management on that notice," explained Barry Kennedy.  "Meeting on Supply Management from what I can see at this
point will simply be us pushing for more training opportunities in key departments that have more preferential jobs, work schedules and rest days."  Kennedy
said that CN needs to make a decision on how many opportunities are available in Montreal for those Edmonton members interested in relocating.  "Its hard to
work out a local strategy without tying up the Montreal end.  We can't 'put the cart before the horse.'  We probably won't meet with the Company for a couple of
weeks.  We hope to have things worked out by the end of the month."

Further information will be posted as it becomes available.  

September 4, 2006 Article 8.1notice Re: Supply Management relocation   

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