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March 19, 2007
CAW joining CLC and its affiliates to lobby MPs to support Bill C-257
The CAW will again be sending a lobby team to Ottawa the week of March 19th to lobby MPs to support Bill C-257, which
would ban the use of replacement workers during strikes or lockouts in the Federal sector.  The CAW will join the CLC and its
affiliates.  Third and final reading is expected Wednesday night (March 21) in the House of Commons.

With the Liberal Party's recent change in support based on essential service concerns, strong lobbying efforts from labour is
needed to ensure the ultimate success of Anti-Scab legislation.

The Bill passed second reading in the House of Commons on October 25, 2007 by a margin of 167 to 101.  There was
overwhelming support by the Bloc Québécois, NDP, Liberals and a few Conservatives.  But since then, big-business has
been pressuring the Conservatives and Liberals with their own lobby, asking that MPs oppose the Bill.  

The overwhelming support from Liberal MPs in second reading now appears questionable for third and final reading.  Liberal
Leader Stéphane Dion said his party has concerns of Bill C-257 stemming from a ruling by the Speaker of the House that
amendments to the Bill protecting the delivery of essential services were deemed inadmissible.
Since Dion’s announcement, the labour movement has targeted Liberal MPs asking for their continued support of this very important legislation for workers in
the federal sector.  They are reminding the Liberals, and any other MPs who are opposed to the Bill, that essential services are already protected by both the
Canada Labour Code (section 87.4) and other statutes that deal specifically with federal public services.  Passing Bill C-257 will not diminish these
established protections.

Moreover, research that was used in passing similar provincial legislation in B.C. and Quebec show that the use of replacement workers prolongs strikes
and/or lockouts, and creates hostilities and in many cases, picket line violence.  Studies in B.C. and Quebec show that since adopting anti-strike breaker
legislation, labour disputes are settled more quickly than compared to disputes where replacement workers are used.
The Bloc and NDP are expected to again vote in favour of this legislation.

We ask that our entire Council 4000 and CAW membership, and the working public, phone their respective MPs and ask them to vote in favour of Bill C-257, or
send them an email.  Your assistance is important to the ultimate success of this legislation.    

CAW National Council 4000 Regional Representative Barry Kennedy, who is part of the CAW Lobby Team, has sent letters to all MPs in ridings where Council
4000 Mountain Region members reside, asking for their support of the Bill.  He also sent letters to the MPs and Senators he personally met while in Ottawa for
the October 2007 Bill C-257 lobby efforts.  You can access these letters in the
‘What we are working on!’ section of

Bill C-257 is very important for working Canadians.  Our CN membership realized the need for this legislation back in early 2004 during the CAW-CN strike,
when CN relied on the use of replacement workers, including American replacement workers, to perform our member’s work during the strike.  This, in our
opinion, prolonged the strike and triggered hostilities that lingered for several months.  During the recent UTU-CN strike, CN again relied on the use of
American replacement workers to perform work during the two-week strike.  

Bill C-257 would prevent replacement workers (scab labour) in addition to levelling the playing field during labour disputes by enshrining balance and fairness
into the Canada Labour Code.

Click on the badge and send
your MP an email telling
him/her to support Bill C-257
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