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March 18, 2007
CAW meets with Transport Canada over Rail Safety
Taking concerns of railway workers to the table, CAW Rail Safety representatives met with the Transport Canada Rail Safety Directorate on March 13, 2007,
which was the 8th International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) ‘International Railway Workers' Action Day.’

The CAW used the opportunity to voice concerns about derailments, shipping dangerous commodities and negligent safety inspections.  The CAW has
repeatedly warned Transport Canada that a lack of standardized rules, few inspections and excessive railway safety exemptions could lead to dangerous
deficiencies in rail safety, evidenced by derailments in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec between 2005 and 2006.

"There have been many rail accidents lately and Transport Canada is now looking for answers," said CAW National Representative
Brian McDonagh.  "The meeting was much more productive than usual."  Transport Canada has agreed to meet the CAW at least once
a year over rail safety - the next will take place in September.

This year’s ITF ‘International Railway Worker's Day of Action’ slogan was: “Safety First! Safeguarding the global future of rail,” to raise
ongoing rail safety issues.  On March 13th, the CAW joined labour unions in 60 countries across the globe in advocating improved rail
safety standards.  

CAW Secretary-Treasurer Jim O'Neil is the Canadian executive board member for the ITF.

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2007 International Railway Workers' Action Day Poster - Click for larger image