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March 7, 2007
CAW VIA Rail Campaign: Hargrove to meet with Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon on March 27, 2007
The CAW’s VIA Rail Campaign, which kicked off during the Union’s Quebec
Council November 24-26, 2006, is still ongoing.  The Union is receiving
excellent responses on our postcards in every location.  The billboards that
were posted in various cities across Canada have been up for a number of
weeks and have brought public attention to the campaign.

The CAW National Union was recently notified that as a follow up to CAW
President Buzz Hargrove’s letter to Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon, a
meeting has been scheduled with him concerning the VIA funding issues on
March 27th.  Mr. Hargrove will be raising the absolute need for additional
funding for VIA Rail and underscoring the importance of a national rail
passenger system to the country.

Today, there is a keen interest by Canadians on the environment.  The
government of the day is pouring millions of dollars into numerous
environmental projects and VIA Rail, which is a safe, economical and
absolutely environmentally friendly system should be given top priority if
Canada is serious about improving the environment.  The CAW is encouraging
all of its leadership and membership to get the campaign postcards returned
to the offices of the Presidents of CAW National Council 4000 and Local 100.  
The CAW will be presenting these cards to Minister Cannon on March 27th.

Our member’s co-operation in this matter is critical.  We would continue to encourage our members to contact their MPs and raise the VIA Rail funding issue
with them and encourage them to support this initiative.  

We are hoping that the upcoming budget by the Conservative minority government will address this important passenger rail system.  The results of the
Cannon-Hargrove meeting will be reported.

The National Union compliments the leadership and membership for their hard work on the campaign and asks that all postcards are sent in as requested.

CAW VIA Rail Campaign