Support Bill C-257 to enact legislation in the Canada Labour Code to ban replacement workers in the federal sector
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Take Action - Support Anti-Scab Legislation: Bill C-257
The CAW, in conjunction with the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and its affiliates, has continued with its lobby efforts to ensure that the private member’s
passed as legislation.  The Bill passed second reading in the House of Commons on October 25, 2007 by a margin of 167 to 101.

Since that time, many right-wing employers have been putting constant pressure on the Conservatives and Liberals to oppose the Bill.  Recently, the Liberal
Party said it will withdraw its support of Bill C-257, a move that may lead to the demise of the legislation as it heads into final reading.  Apparently, the Liberals
have changed their mind due to the Speaker of the House ruling that amendments to the Bill that would protect the delivery of so-called essential services were
deemed inadmissible.

Essential service provisions are already in place within the Canada Labour Code, thus the CAW finds this an absolute charade by the Liberal Party and should
not in any shape or form, detour and/or comprise their support of anti-strike breaker legislation.  CAW members and all working Canadians should be
contacting the Liberals in their respective ridings and inform them of the truth.

It is time the Liberals quit playing games with workers.  They say that they support labour and working Canadians, but when it comes time to deliver they find
another excuse.  Working families must continue to pressure their Members of Parliament, whatever their stripes are (Liberal, Conservative, NDP or the Bloc)
as our time is running out.  The Anti-Scab Bill can be dealt with as early as March 21st, according to the parliamentary calendar.

Click here to read the March 5, 2007 email the CAW sent to Mario Silva, Labour Critic for the Liberals.

When Bill C-257 comes to a vote, we want our MPs to vote ‘yes!’  You can tell Stéphane Dion and your own MP to do this - right now - and Take Action:
Take Action on having Bill C-257 passed by Parliament!
Over the next two weeks, contact your Member of Parliament.  Call him or her on the phone.  Send a message through the web address below.  MPs will be in
their home riding offices over the next two weeks - visit them personally.  Tell them you and your family want anti-scab legislation.  Ensure they show up in the
House of Commons and vote in favour of Bill C-257.  It’s about Balance and Fairness.  

Tell your MP to vote 'yes' and pass Bill C-257

It is very important that all our CAW members and working Canadians get out and fully support Bill C-257.
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