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Celebrate International Women’s Week: Sunday, March 4 to Saturday, March 10, 2007
March 8th is International Women's Day -
“Let’s Put Equality Back on Track”
March 4 to 10 is International Women's Week (IWW), with the
highlight of the week being March 8: International Women’s Day
(IWD).  Around the world and in Canada, IWD marks a
celebration of economic, social, cultural and political
achievements for women.  Established in 1977 by the United
Nations, this special day provides an opportunity to celebrate the
progress made to advance equality for women and to assess the
challenges that remain.

In Canada it is a day where we will join with women everywhere
in Canada and Quebec in opposition to the anti-equality polices
of the federal Conservative government.  IWD will be a day when
women will be mobilizing across the country from Yellowknife to
Corner Brook, from Vancouver to Moncton, from Halifax to Quebec
City to make sure women’s voices are heard.

Women are responding to a series of bad decisions by the
Harper Government which, if not reversed, will set women’s
equality back twenty years.  

“It started when his government cancelled the early learning and
child-care agreements with the provinces, cutting $3.7 billion
from programs for children.  It is children, women and working
parents who would have benefited the most from building a
national child care system,” said Julie White, CAW Director of
Women’s Programs.

“Then, with a $13 billion surplus, the Harper Conservatives
drastically cut funding to the Status of Women Canada (SWC),
coupled with the closing of 12 of the 16 regional Status of
Women offices. This sent a powerful message to Canadian
women that equality was not important to this government.”

White outlines the attack on women’s equality in a letter to CAW
leadership and activists and urges CAW women from coast to
coast to get involved.  “A federal election is pending and working
with women’s groups and the broader labour movement our
union will mobilize CAW members leading up to the next
election,” said White.  “Enhancing equality for women in this
country will be a priority for CAW and IWD is the first step in that

Together we can make sure women’s voices are heard.  Together we can Put Equality Back on Track!

In conjunction with IWD celebrations the CAW donates $100,000 annually to Women’s Shelters across the country where CAW members work and live.

Source:  CAW Council 4000 / CAW NewsNow

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