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July 16, 2007
CAW VIA Rail members vote 93.6% in favour of strike action
The CAW recently conducted strike vote meetings with it’s VIA Rail membership across Canada.  CAW VIA members are represented by National Council 4000
employed as on-board train and customer service personnel, station and baggage personnel, customer service representatives, various administrative
positions, locomotive attendants, hostlers and labourers (Agreements No. 1 & No. 2), and shopcraft employees represented by Local 100 (Agreement No. 3).  

The strike vote meetings were well-attended by CAW members who have given their full support to their elected bargaining committees as they move towards
a strike deadline on July 22, 2007 at 00:01 hours local time.

After all the strike ballots were tabulated, the overall result for all three collective agreements was a vote of 93.6% in favour of strike action if necessary.  The
breakdown by collective agreements is as follows:

Agreement No.1 (Council 4000)  
Agreement No.2 (Council 4000)  96%
Agreement No.3 (Local 100)        92%

During the week of June 25th, the union’s bargaining committee met with VIA Rail in Montreal.  The union felt they had made some minor progress in some
areas but there are still other non-monetary issues that are outstanding in all three collective agreements.  Towards the end of the week, VIA appeared to
become more difficult to deal with on their issues.  The CAW and VIA Rail will meet again in Montreal on July 16th through to July 22nd to continue negotiations
with the assistance of two federal conciliators.  

The union remains optimistic that we will reach a settlement, however, we must be fully prepared if VIA Rail does not respect the proposals of the CAW VIA

Early last week, the CAW and its National Strike Department in Toronto held a conference call with all strike captains across the country to start preparations in
the event of a labour dispute with VIA Rail.  Further conference calls are being planned leading up to the July 22nd strike deadline.  The CAW will be reporting
on a regular basis through the use of CAW Railfax and the websites of Council 4000 and Local 100 as the strike deadline approaches.

The CAW VIA Rail Bargaining Committee remains of the viewpoint that it’s VIA Rail membership deserves a first-rate settlement in this round of negotiations
and remain determined to ensure that they reach this goal on behalf of its membership.


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