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July 16, 2007
CN to transfer Edmonton Fleet Management function to Montreal Headquarters
Fleet Management function to its Headquarters location in Montreal.  The change will affect 14 unionized positions based in Edmonton - 6 Mechanic Advisors
who work in Fleet's Repair Authorization Centre and 8 Fleet Clerk positions that perform various licensing and administrative duties.  The effective date for this
change is January 31, 2008.

In their Article 8.1(a) notice to the Union (pursuant the terms of the Employment Security and Income Maintenance Agreement), CN indicated that they will be
bulletining new positions in Montreal in conjunction with this change, but that at this point in time they are uncertain of the number of unionized positions that
will be established in Montreal.  The Company said this decision will be made by October 15, 2007.  All Edmonton-based Fleet Management members named
in the Article 8 notice have first right to the positions that transfer to Montreal.

The Union will hold meetings with the Company as in accordance the terms of Article 8.4 of the ESIMA to discuss the required measures to minimize the
adverse affects this change will cause the Mountain Region membership.  This meeting will be scheduled, at the earliest, by mid-August.  Further information
will be posted as it becomes available.  

July 16, 2007 Article 8.1 Notice Re: Fleet Management relocation

The Company also served notice to Regional Representative Rick Doherty that the three unionized Fleet Regulatory positions based in Winnipeg will be
abolished in conjunction with the centralization of all Fleet Management activities in Montreal.  

CN also issued a notice to Mr. Doherty last week that they will be abolishing 12 permanent positions of Collection Representatives based in the Winnipeg
Customer Support Centre.  More information will be posted on this topic (Collection Reps) shortly.

The Union will also be requesting Article 8 meetings to discuss the changes affecting the Winnipeg-based membership.   
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