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January 9, 2007
CAW membership at CN provides Union with Strike Mandate
The bargaining units of CAW National Council 4000 and CAW Local 100 at CN conducted strike votes on December 28, 2006 and January 2 through January 6,
2007.  The CAW and CN have agreed, through the assistance of Federal Conciliators, to a deadline bargaining date of 23:59 hours on January 17, 2007.  The
CAW may enforce legal strike action effective midnight January 18, 2007.  The CAW represents approximately 4,500 employees at CN, ranging from excavator
operators; administrative, clerical and customer service representatives; automotive, heavy duty and locomotive mechanics; labourers; carmen; locomotive
hostlers; workers at CN Intermodal Terminals and owner operator truck drivers at CN Transportation Ltd. (CNTL).  All votes from all locations were counted on
January 8th.  The results are as follows:

National Council 4000 announced an overall result of 77% for Collective Agreement 5.1, Agreement 5.4 and the CN Intermodal Supplemental Agreement.  The
CNTL Owner Operators accomplished an 86% strike mandate (99% for Mountain Region drivers).  

CAW Local 100 (Shopcraft) membership voted 91% in favour of strike action if necessary.  

The bargaining committees want to congratulate the membership for their solid endorsement for strike action, if necessary, which may commence by midnight
Eastern Standard Time on January 18, 2007.  

By all accounts, the Strike Vote Meetings were well attended in all groups.  The membership spoke passionately, understanding the position of the union and
were committed to fully supporting the bargaining committees as they move to this deadline.

There is an enormous amount of work to do, especially given the significant concessions that CN still has on the bargaining table.  As we indicated in our
December 30, 2006 Railfax, we continue to focus on the important proposals submitted by the CAW CN membership.  We will update the membership on a
regular basis and we remain committed to work diligently to reach a settlement without a dispute.  

Detailed information on the vote results can be attained through CN local union representatives by request.

The bargaining committees want to once again underscore the importance of the membership working to the deadline to ensure the best possible agreement.

Once again, your support was absolutely critical to ensuring that CN takes our proposals seriously.  
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