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February 7, 2007
UTU issues CN strike notice - CAW expresses its full support to UTU
The United Transportation Union (UTU), representing 2,800 conductors and yard-service employees at Canadian National Railway, have served notice that
their members will take legal strike action at 00:01 Saturday, February 10, 2007.

CN has said that there is still time to reach a settlement, but that in the event of a strike, it will “continue freight operations across Canada using management
personnel to do UTU-represented jobs.”

Excluded from strike action are UTU members employed on CN’s Northern Quebec Internal Short Line, Algoma Central Railway in Ontario and the MacKenzie
Northern Railway in Alberta.

CN and the UTU have agreed that in the event of a conductors’ strike, normal commuter rail operations on CN rail lines in Toronto and Montreal will be

The Canadian Auto Workers Union takes this opportunity to express its full support for the UTU and its members in their struggle to achieve a satisfactory
collective agreement with Canadian National.

CAW members are of course legally required to work as usual.  In the event of possible UTU picket lines, it is CN’s obligation to ensure safe entry of our
members to the workplace.  The Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) has recognized that employees are not forced to cross a picket line if there is an
"imminent threat of danger" to those employees.  In such cases, members must request the assistance of the Board's Safety Officer pursuant Part II of the
Canada Labour Code.  The Board has determined that an "imminent threat of danger" exists only in situations where there is a high probability of harm or injury
to the individual when crossing a picket line.  In such cases, members MUST first notify CN who is to arrange for safe passage through the picket line.        

The CAW also recommends that CAW members exercise their legal right as in accordance Section 94(3)(c) of the Canada Labour Code and refuse to perform
any work normally done by UTU members who are on strike.  

If any problem or question arises in either respect, you are requested to immediately contact a full-time union representative for assistance:
Contact your
Regional Representative (Council 4000), Regional Vice-President (Local 100), or a CAW National Representative.  Let us deal with management
on your behalf.

We wish the UTU and its members every success in achieving their demands.                                                            

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