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February 1, 2007
Solidarity Voted 2007 Labour Website of the Year
The winner of this year’s Labour Website of the Year is the South African union Solidarity.  Solidarity placed second in last year's competition and won this year
in a close race.  Its highly professional website is fully bilingual (English and Afrikaans), where you can join online "in under a minute."  The union has a
The Labour Website of the Year is sponsored by LabourStart.  This year was the 10th annual, which saw the highest number of votes cast (7,866) since the
competition started in 1997.   

Among the top ten websites, three came from the developing world (for the first time) and three from the United Kingdom (for the first time).  They include some
of the very best union websites in the world and all are worth a close look.

The threshold for making the top 10 this year was considerably higher than in previous years.  

Top Ten Sites  (
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