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August 30, 2007
CN serves job abolishment notices at Montreal's Central Station
On August 8, 2007, CN served notice to Council 4000 Regional Representative Claude Rainville that they will be abolishing 14 positions held by Council 4000/
Local 4004 members effective December 4, 2007.  The abolishments stem from CN's announcement on May 18th that they plan to sell it's Central Station
Complex (CSC) in downtown Montreal.  In addition to CN's HQ building and the passenger rail facilities used by VIA Rail and Amtrak, the CSC also houses
l’Agence métropolitaine de transport, the popular Les Halles de la Gare (major retail outlets/commercial services/food courts) and downtown parking facilities.

The positions to be abolished are tractor operators, labourers, cleaners, an inventory maintainer and senior administrative clerk who work directly in Central
Station and Les Halles de la Gare.  CN also served notice to representatives of CAW Local 100 that Montreal CSC maintenance staff will also loose their jobs,
employees who are represented by Local 100.

In their Article 8.1(a) notice to the Union (pursuant the terms of the Employment Security and Income Maintenance Agreement), CN said that they do not foresee
any adverse affects on CAW members as affected employees will be assigned to other CN positions.  

The CAW is concerned with these notices.  Firstly, CN has yet to sell the complex.  There has apparently been interest made by three groups to purchase the
Central Station Complex, but CN was not specific in their abolishment notices as to a date other than to say "the expected sale."  Its probable that CAW jobs will
be contracted out between the effective date of the notice and the actual date of a potential sale.  The Union advised CN Labour Relations that they are
reviewing the matter and considering successor rights.

The Union will hold Article 8.4 meetings with the Company as in accordance the terms of the ESIMA to discuss our concerns and the required measures to
minimize potential adverse affects that this change will have on the St. Lawrence Region membership.

Further information will be posted as it becomes available.  

August 8, 2007 Article 8.1 Notice Re: Central Station abolishments [PDF]

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