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NDP calls for a new national vision for railways
On April 26th in Ottawa, the NDP rallied around an Ontario-based passenger rail coalition’s call for major government investment in crumbling rail
infrastructure and infrequent service in Canada.  
“We need a new national vision for our railways,” said Tony Martin (NDP MP Sault Ste. Marie).  “Passenger rail service is good for the economy, good for our
tourism industry and good for the environment, including reducing congestion on our roads.”  Martin rode part of the Coalition for Passenger Train’s All-Aboard
journey this week from Sault Ste. Marie through Northern Ontario to Toronto’s Union Station.

“Railroads built and connected our country,” said Charlie Angus (NDP MP Timmins James Bay).  “They are essential for many regions like Northern Ontario.  It’
s unacceptable to see this crumbling infrastructure and less frequent service happening in so many communities across Canada.”

Martin and Angus cited a current U.S. study reporting that an enhanced rail service in nine Midwest U.S. states could generate $23.1 billion in the economy.

A new national rail strategy would have big cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Halifax serving as transportation hubs for wilderness tours.  The
coalition reported that consumers in Europe and North America are looking for rail tour opportunities.

Source:  NDP

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