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April 30, 2007
CLC demands action over job loss crisis
The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) is calling on government once again to work with labour and employers towards an action plan to sustain the creation
and protection of well-paying manufacturing jobs.  

Federal Environment Minister John Baird said recently that meeting the Kyoto carbon emissions targets would cause a recession for Canada and claimed by
meeting the Kyoto accord Canadians can expect a spike in gasoline prices and a loss of 275, 000 jobs.

“I am astounded to hear the Minister of the Environment describing the hypothetical loss of thousands of jobs in the manufacturing, forestry and processing
sectors as a looming crisis,” said Ken Georgetti, President of the CLC.  “Three weeks ago, the same number of job loss did not warrant any government

Statistics Canada recently concluded that Canadian workers displaced by firm closures and mass layoffs who find other jobs suffer an average decline of 25%
annual earnings, implying a job loss of about $10,000 for a typical manufacturing worker.  Given the disappearance of a quarter million manufacturing jobs, the
total loss of Canadian earnings is likely close to $2.5 billion annually.

Echoing the comments of CAW President Buzz Hargrove, Georgetti confirmed that although the environment must be a priority, so must be the manufacturing
crisis.  “Such an action plan for jobs should include realistic measures to deal with climate change while also protecting workers.”

The CLC continues with its
Better Choices campaign, for which 19 CAW activists underwent a three-week training to prepare for the campaign.

Source:  CAW NewsNow

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