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April 25, 2007
Government appoints Arbitrator to settle CN-UTU labour dispute  
The federal government announced on Monday (April 23rd) that they have appointed Arbitrator Andrew C.L. Sims to impose a labour contract on CN and the
United Transportation Union (UTU), which represent the company's conductors and yard service employees.  Federal Labour Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn
has given Sims 90 days to find a settlement.

Sims is an Edmonton-based lawyer and vice-chairman of the Canadian Industrial Relations Board and the Alberta Labour Relations Board, and chaired a task
force to review part of Canada's Labour Code and propose amendments that were enacted in 1998.

Mr. Sims will review the final offers of both sides in the dispute and choose one as the collective agreement.  Blackburn urged both parties (CN and UTU) to
"develop reasonable, long-term solutions," and that they should still feel free to negotiate their own settlement without the arbitrator if possible.

Bill to end strike won't end strife: UTU vows to continue fight
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