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April 18, 2007
CAW continues bargaining with Toronto Terminal Railways on a new collective agreement for TTR members
The CAW is in the midst of negotiations on a new collective for CAW Local 4003 (Council 4000) members employed with Toronto Terminal Railways (TTR).  On
Tuesday (April 17), TTR tabled demands to suspend the contracting out clause for station employees, which the Union feels may lead to an eventual end of
station staff, and to establish a spareboard for Flagman classifications, which the Union feels will negatively impact members’ overall quality of life and
employment conditions.     

In the case of suspending contracting out provisions for station staff, the Company wants the unfettered right to contract out the midnight shift, in part due to
financial concerns.  TTR blames the City of Toronto, saying that the City will not provide for any financial improvement in the parties existing contract.  Although
TTR said that they would move the existing night shift to days and/or afternoons, the bargaining committee views any leniency for an employer to contract out
work as a very risky venture that could lead to significant adverse effects on the membership.  

On the track side, TTR wants to establish a spareboard for the Flagman classification to eliminate overtime.  TTR’s proposal would not see employees
assigned to assigned days off, rather employees would be called on a “first-in, first-out basis” until such time they accumulate 40-hours each work week.  
Overtime for spare board employees would not accrue until after an employee achieves 40-hours of work in that work week.  Employees could be required to
work 12-hours in one day without accruing overtime.

While TTR was prepared to offer competitive wage increases, these increases would not apply equally to all classifications.  As an example, the Flagman
classification would receive 2% less than other classifications.  TTR justifies this wage proposal as being necessary to force employees to accept other
classifications other than the Flagman position.

TTR is also requesting that employees who undergo training be held for 120 shifts on the position they are being trained on, as a recompense for training.

The CAW bargaining committee, which is comprised of Council 4000 Regional Representative Sandra Prudames; TTR Local Chairperson Maurice Lopes;
TTR Committeeperson Maurice Amaro; CAW National Representative Doug Olshewski, and Council 4000 President Bob Fitzgerald, are not prepared to accept
these concessionary demands. will continue to post updates on CAW/TTR bargaining as information is made available.

The collective agreement between CAW Council 4000/Local 4003 and the TTR expired at 23:59 hours on December 31, 2006.

April 17 Bargaining Update to TTR Members  [PDF]  Mountain Region