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April 10, 2007
CAW Manufacturing Matters Campaign
Since the beginning of the year, the CAW has had an ongoing campaign – Manufacturing Matters – which highlights the crisis
of Canada's manufacturing sector.  Almost every week, a Canadian manufacturing plant either shuts its doors, files for
bankruptcy or announces that it is moving out of Canada.  Good manufacturing jobs are disappearing at an alarming rate
across the country and the Harper government has done nothing to stop it.  

The clear message to Canadian workers is that the government simply does not care.  In concern of this crisis, part of the
Manufacturing Matters Campaign has involved a series of community forums across the country that is headed up by Local
CAW Union leadership and community allies.

In preparation for the community forums scheduled to date, the CAW has organized information meetings for our leadership,
membership and activists to learn more about the scope of manufacturing job losses and what we can do to protect our jobs
and the welfare of our families and communities.  All CAW Council 4000 members, as well as members from all unions and
community activists in your areas are invited to join in.

It is incumbent on us all, as trade unionists and Canadians, to take up this fight for our families, our communities and for
future generations.

Click here for a schedule of information meetings. [PDF]
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Manufacturing Matters Forum
Council 4000 Regional Rep
Heather Grant and
Secretary-Treasurer Bill Coolen
(pictured left to right) attend the
April 4th Manufacturing Matters
forum at the CAW Halifax Office.
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